Replay Ready for “Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys” Virtual Book Tour

wild-things-coverDid you know that the older a boy gets, the more he needs from those who love him?

If you have a boy in your life (son, grandson, nephew, student, someone you’re mentoring), find out why boys are the way they are and how you can come alongside them at any age to help them navigate the choppy waters of the journey to manhood.

Listen to the replay of the Virtual Book Tour with authors Stephen James and David Thomas as they answered questions submitted at (You can also submit your question; authors will be answering them on their blog.) Find out:

  • why it’s so hard for boys to “sit still and pay attention”–and how to help them learn anyway
  • what the 5 stages of a boy’s development and what they need in each stage
  • how do we deal with a boy’s emotions (anger, crying, etc.)?
  • how do you get a boy to obey?
  • what does a boy need most from his mom? his dad?
  • what is THE most important thing to remember when nurturing a boy?

And much more! Listen and learn how to better nurture the boy in your life.

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