You Never Know What Will Happen in a Day (Redefining Success)

I knew today would be broken up–doctor appointment with my daughter, Moms In Touch prayer meeting, webinar. But nothing happened as intended.

I took my 13-year-old daughter in for her routine sports physical. It was time for a couple of shots as well, the doctor said.  After the second one, Christine slumped off the table and fell straight on her head.

After she rested some, drank juice and ate  a couple of candy bars,  we left.  She insisted she could go back to school. I got her excused from P.E. and went home, expecting a call.

It came soon enough. She was nauseated, really felt bad. Took her home. Called doctor, reported symptoms, including tingling on one side of her body. “Take her to the ER,” they advised.

Thankfully, the hospital is 3 minutes from our house. Four hours later, we came home. CAT scan normal, just a head injury.

What’s unnerving is that one year ago to the day almost–on Labor Day weekend but a Saturday–I had a mini-stroke and was in the ER myself.

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When “Mistakes” Become Blessings

“The LORD directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?”-Proverbs 20:24

Recently I accidentally sent an email out to the “wrong” group of people.

Not only was it sent to the wrong group (in addition to the right group), but the subject line was truncated. Looked very sloppy, and I felt mortified. (I’m still not sure whether it was my fault or a technological glitch.)

I felt bad enough that I sent an apology email to the list that should not have gotten that first email.

But you know what? Many people sent me a reply, saying some variation of the fact that they were actually blessed by the content of the email. (Which was my interview on the Gutzy Gab show. I do talk about Abundant Gifts as well, and will post the interview here as well.)

A few people even mentioned that they passed it on to people they knew would be interested in my publishing journey. One person even made an emotional comment on my Your Book Publishing Coach blog in response.

So there you go! Even a mistake can become a gift to someone else, in God’s hands. He might even be smiling now! (I know God has a sense of humor, or why would we who are made in his image?)

Christmas in August–How to Get a Free Book

Abundant Gifts - 2nd editionWhen I worked as an editor at Campus Life magazine (many moons ago), August was the month Christmas was on our minds. That was the month we worked on the November/December issue.

I don’t know why, all these years later, I’m thinking of this. Maybe it’s because I have two teenagers of my own.

Anyway, I got to thinking how it might be fun to have a little “Christmas in August” sale.

Here’s how it works: When you buy a copy of Abundant Gifts, I give you a book! (As in give–gratis.)

The book will come from my “grab bag.”

You can specify whether you’d like it to be fiction or nonfiction. (Do it in the “special instructions” part of the order form, or if you send a check, in the note and email you send me.)

You can also get more specific, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do more than send you a fiction or nonfiction book.

It’s kind of like the gifts God himself gives us. We know they are coming (because he’s so generous), we can even ask for what we want, but he reserves the right to decide what we get.

So click on this link and get yourself some added inspiration from Abundant Gifts, or give it and/or the free book to a friend. If you want to sample 5 stories from Abundant Gifts, click here.

And if you don’t like the grab bag book–oh well, I bet someone else will! Pass it on. “Freely you have received, freely give.”

Note: I don’t know how long my supplies of either Abundant Gifts or the grab-bag books will last, so if you’re at all inclined to accept this fun offer, now’s the time. Two books for less than $20 (including the shipping), and one of them signed by the author … I don’t know, seems pretty good to me!