On Reaching a Mothering Milestone

Today I saw one child off to her first day of high school, and another to his first day of college.

I baked our favorite chocolate cake and we ate together, for the second night in a row, something we hadn’t done in it felt like weeks. (If you comment on this blog, I’ll send you the frosting recipe that always gets raves and makes ANY cake extra special.)

A friend pointed out, “This is a milestone for you as a parent.”

Yes indeed.

I am grateful for the opportunity to invest in these two young lives.

I am grateful that they will still be around together for the next year or two. (Son got a full scholarship to local college, an offer too good to pass up in this economy.)

Most of all, I am grateful for

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“What’s Your Verb?” (Why It Matters to Know)

One of the most enlightening exercises one of my mentors, Alex Mandossian, had us do in a training was figure out what verb describes our essence.

Buckminster Fuller said, “God is a verb.” That is biblically accurate. When God revealed himself to Moses, he said he was the ultimate “be” verb: “I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3:14).

God’s verb is “I AM.”

Descartes is famous for saying, “I think, therefore I am.” His verb was “think.”

What is it you do, that encompasses the essence not only of what you do, but who you are?

Your verb may come to you in a flash … or you may have to think about it for a while.

Most people I’ve discussed this with know their verb quickly.

Mine is “connect.” I love to connect people with ideas that will inspire them, enlighten them, change them.

I love to connect people with other people who will inspire, teach, encourage, motivate or enlightened them.

And I love to connect people with resources that will make their life easier and better in some way.

As a book publishing coach and consultant, that’s what I’m all about.

As a parent, that’s what I’m all about. As a friend, I also find myself trying to connect people with ideas, people and resources that will make their lives better.

So that’s my verb. What’s yours?

Take a few moments to reflect on this.

Post it below, if you like. It’s at the heart of what you have to offer the world, after all.