My Compassion Child in Haiti

Saint Hilaire GermimaFor all my working life, starting when I graduated college, I’ve sponsored a child in Haiti with Compassion. In January 1990, I even had the privilege of visiting my child (a different one than I currently sponsor), along with author Janette Oke, Compassion President Wes Stafford, and others. It was an unforgettable trip.

Perhaps the most moving moment was when we walked up to a group of people worshiping under a large tree, by a river. (There are few trees in Haiti; most of the foliage has been cut down to use for fuel.)

One of our sponsors said that she wanted to sponsor a child from someone in that group. Somehow we connected with an old woman who, when she discovered what we planned, burst into tears, then smiles. She explained, through our translator, that she had just a few moments before prayed for her granddaughter to somehow be taken care of.  To this woman, we were God’s answer, dropped from heaven straight to her.

As you can imagine, I have been very concerned about the child I sponsor, Saint Hilaire Germema, who turned 12 on December 5. I received a letter recently from Compassion, but nothing specific.

Please join me in praying for Saint Hilaire Germema, her family, Compassion International, ministries in Haiti, the relief efforts, and of course, the people of Haiti.

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