A Birthday Gift from God

Since my birthday is on Christmas Day,  sometimes I decide to celebrate it later.  This past Christmas was so hectic and stressful, I’d decided to designate another day.

So it’s today. January 28.  I didn’t want it to be too far after the real date, or it wouldn’t happen. Made that mistake once. One year I never had a birthday. (Does this mean I’m a year younger?)

It’s just the morning, but God already has given me a sweet gift.

It’s winter here, we had a fresh dusting of snow recently, the sun is shining and everything looks winter gorgeous. After my morning walk, I settled down in my office to do a bit of work. (I do plan to take most of the day off, though. Will read a novel, my favorite thing.)

There’s a tree outside my office window, and when I looked up, there was a brilliant red cardinal in the tree. I watched him for a while.

Then, two juncos came along. Then, a chickadee.

It’s unusual for me to see so many birds in that tree in so short a time. Though it was a small thing, it felt like a gift.  I enjoy birds.   And so does God! Jesus said not a sparrow falls to the ground without the Father’s knowledge.

God enjoys birds, and trees, and snow (every snowflake different, remember) and today I have a settled sense that he is sharing his enjoyment with me. The other day, a hawk landed on a branch of a tree outside my window. Perhaps it wil l come back today.

Two of my favorite stories  in Abundant Gifts are about birds. One is about how God pulled me out of a postpartum depression from the antics of birds.  (If you have the book, look for “The Visiting Birds” from Week 36, Thursday). The other is about a sweet personalized gift of a bird sighting told by my former pastor (who now, no doubt, is enjoying the birds of Paradise).

Dr. Tony Evans says you’re blessed when you can enjoy what God has given. God seems to like to bless me in various ways through birds. Sort of our little “thing” we share.

So today, already, just a few hours into the day, I’m feeling blessed.  Perhaps I can let God run the universe while I play. After all, I’m his child.

And as a child, I anticipate other surprises. He’s no stingy God, I’ve found. Gifts abound … and I don’t intend to miss even one of them!

икони на светци

2 Replies to “A Birthday Gift from God”

  1. My son’s birthday is January 28, so I’ll easily remember your “organized” birthday now!
    God Bless You,

  2. diane
    i love this
    though my birthday is not on christmas day it is just days before
    on the 22nd

    december babies have a certain grace– i believe

    we have so many parallels
    and of course God and i have a bird thing too
    red cardinals have a special place in my heart

    love this story, thanks elizabeth

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