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Here’s a sample:

“Your principles have been the music of my life throughout the years of my pilgrimage.” –Psalm 119:54, NLT (first edition)

What a wonderful metaphor!

God’s principles–the music of our lives. The soundtrack that goes along with the movie of our journey here on earth. God’s Word is the tune we dance to, for it brings joy. Like beautiful music, God’s Word adds emotion and expression and enriches life.

Researchers have found that certain music, when played in the background, enables us to focus more on what we’re doing. God’s principles are that background music … enabling us to follow God’s perfect way.

Today, dance to the music of God’s Word as you journey through this world to your true Home.

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What people have been saying about Abundant Gifts from the Word (which for years were sent out from Today’s Christian Woman online site as “Encouraging Words”):

“These are the first thing I read every morning when I turn on my computer. I have been completely blessed by these!” Marian L., Illinois

“These devotionals are awesome! I print them out and give them to my daughters, people at work.

“I posted one on the refrigerator for my husband to read. It fit our situation so exactly I couldn’t believe it. It was from Proverbs 18:13, about spouting off before listening–something my husband is always doing. Even though I didn’t say a word to him about it, I notice he’s changing–listening more before spouting off. Your words touched him and this is helping our marriage!” –Mary F., Connecticut

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