Abundant Gifts Virtual Book Tour replay is ready …

Just want you to know that the replay is available, if you weren’t able to listen to the live call last night.

I talked about some of the stories behind the stories,
and answered questions such as:

  • how to keep a gifts journal
  • the two people who most influenced the writing and
    publishing of the book, and why the least famous one
    was the most important
  • how do you discern God’s involvement your life, andhow do you know it’s not just wishful thinking?
  • how have specific stories affected readers?
  • how do you recognize and become more receptive to
    abundant gifts?
  • how do you know what your specific gift is?
  • how do you know God even exists?

Perhaps I answered yours–I hope so!

If these questions pique your interest, I invite you to listen to the replay.

I also invite you to consider how you might bless other people with this the book.

I have to place my order with the publisher by June 29 at 2 p.m. Central. I am signing all the books, so it makes a good gift for only $10 (almost half price) plus shipping.

Those who buy a copy will get a special gift. Those who buy more than one will get two special gifts. (They’re in the works now so I can’t say exactly what they are.)

If you don’t have time to listen between now and Friday, but want a taste of the book to see if it’s right for you and/or a loved one, you can read 6 “reader’s favorites” in a cool Digital Web Book.

You can also read how the book has blessed other people.

I do hope you too are enriched and inspired by the stories I shared on the audio interview and in the book–that’s my heart’s desire!