Apology … and What’s Coming Up on Tuesday’s Virtual Book Tour

First, an apology.

If you tried to sign up on Friday for my Virtual Book Tour, and got to an error page and not the page with the information … I’m sorry!

I learned late on Friday that one of the sites that integrates with the signup page was down, maybe most of the day. (Where is workable technology when you really need it?)

If you wanted to sign up for the Abundant Gifts Virtual Book Tour, and did not get to the page where Suzanne Lieurance thanked you … would you mind trying again?

I truly think you will be inspired by what will be shared on that call.

It will be a celebration of lives changed by God’s grace.

For instance …

… the real power behind the book: the two people who most influenced the writing and publishing of Abundant Gifts … one famous, one not at all. How God uses the most humble and unseen acts of ours to bless countless others.

… why I believe, despite the recent technological glitch, that God is quite in control of technology–all new stories connected to the book

… why I believe we can trust God to bring anyone and anything important into our lives (three of the most important people in my life I connected with in the most amazing ways)

… the story that has turned around marriages (including my own)

… the surprising places Abundant Gifts has shown up

… why I know that God has a sense of humor

… why this book going out of print is actually a “disguised gift,” and how God is leading me to a next phase in some very exciting ways. (Other authors/potential authors will want to pay attention.)

We will also talk about keeping a gifts journal, and how just 5 minutes a day can turn your whole life around.

Oh yes, when you sign up I’ll send you a link for getting your own gifts journal. This practice totally turned around my own life, and I want to share it with you. You’ll have three formats from which to choose.

I hope you will join me as Suzanne Lieurance (you’ll love her voice) interviews me about the stories that illustrate some of the ways God shows up in everyday places and everyday faces.

Please sign up now, if you haven’t already.

If you don’t have a question, say “none” and sign up anyway! If you can’t make the live call, you’ll get an email about how to access the recording (which you can listen to via your computer or other device soon afterward).

Hope to “see” you on the call on Tuesday, June 26!