Causes for Celebration

Today my family is rejoicing in good news:

1. My daughter had a parotid gland tumor removed last week, a very tricky surgery because the main facial nerve is right there. The surgery was successful–no nerve damage–and the tumor benign.

Many spiritual gifts came from that, including the witness to my children that people literally from all over the world, people they didn’t know but who knew Jesus and because of that, cared about her and me, prayed for her.

2. My mom, who broke her arm recently, was brought to the hospital a few days ago because she was very weak. She’s since been stabilized and was moved today to a short-term rehab facility very near her home (and where my brothers and wonderful sister-in-law live). There she will be well taken care of, have physical therapy, and be able to be visited often by the family. It’s a bit different Christmas for her, but I think she’s very relieved to be able to receive good care in a nice place for a while. (My sister-in-law, who sort of holds down the fort in my mom’s house, is still battling pneumonia, so this move for my mom is also a blessing for her, allowing her to rest more.) Update (2/5/09): Mom is now home and all her blood levels, blood pressure is wonderful!

3. Anothuer update (good news): A dear friend who has been battling many serious conditions got semi-miraculous good news as well.

As I think about all the people praying for Christine, my friend, and my mom, I marvel.  What a wonder, what a gift, this bond that Christians have with each other! I have met many new friends just recently, all because of the love and concern God gave them for people they don’t even know–my daughter and my mother. And what a gift and wonder it is that God answers prayer!

I’ve been meditating lately on the fact that Jesus was born into a smelly stable, into the rudest of circumstances. And that no one who saw Mary, so close to giving birth, was willing to give up their own accommodations.  Jesus was born into a dark, selfish, and suffering world. Yet his life-giving light shines is ALL our darkness, and brings healing … measured now, often, but eventually, complete healing and joy.

Let us celebrate that the light is shining, brighter and brighter until the full day!

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