“Disguised Gift” for Me, “Abundant Gift” for You?

I’ve often said, some of the best gifts are not always apparent at first.

They don’t appear to be gifts at all, at first. However, I’m firmly convinced (having tested this for years now), that anything can be a gift if we affirm it as such in faith.

Recently, I learned that Abundant Gifts is going out of print. This is somewhat sad for me, but I am absolutely certain it’s a gift. I know that God has plans still for Abundant Gifts; they may just take a different form.

I am convinced that God is honored when we hear and share each other’s stories of God’s goodness in our everyday situations. That is what Abundant Gifts, and this blog, are all about.

It’s also what an upcoming special event is all about. On June 26, you are invited to a “Virtual Book Tour” to listen, via telephone, to the live event in which you’ll get to hear questions answered, as well as some of the amazing stories “behind the stories,” as it were. Funny and strange things that happened when writing, publishing, and/or promoting the book, and my favorite–stories of God at work in the lives of readers. I do believe you will be inspired!

Of course, you also have the opportunity to get the book at a special discount while you still can. (It makes a great gift, and I will sign them personally. You can get your Christmas shopping done in June!)

You will be sent details about the event, but if you’re not familiar with how teleseminars work, it’s simple. At the appointed time, you call the telephone number (the call is free except for your normal long-distance charges). You’ll be prompted to key in the code you’ll be given, and then you’ll be able to listen to me answer questions and talk about
the book.

Even if you can’t make the live call, please go to the page now and sign up. There will be a replay page you can listen to after the call, from your computer, at no charge. Signing up allows you to get the information about the recording.

I hope we can “meet” the evening of June 26!