An Easter Message: “Sick to Death”

I want to share a message with you that puts some perspective on the meaning of Easter … at least for me.

So click on the little player button, and sit back to listen to “Sick to Death” from Abundant Gifts … it’s only 4 minutes, 5 seconds long.

(And I would love to hear your response, and any reflection you’d like to share about what God has been showing you … just click the Comment button to share your thoughts.)

2 Replies to “An Easter Message: “Sick to Death””

  1. Hi Diane,
    Thank you for this recording. You reminded me of my feelings of anger when cancer steals those we love, even our little ones. My granddaughter’s cancer was discovered when she was 5. After chemo, etc. she rebounded, then went back into the danger zone. She managed to survive til she was 12. Her sweetness and joy filtered through all that, up until the end. Still my heart questioned why God allowed little ones to suffer so. I learned that He places certain people in our existance just to teach us lessons of acceptance and hope and trust, that we will not be suffering in vein.
    I have a little angel to call on when the going gets rough. thanks for reminding me of that.

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