Your Abundant Gifts eBook Journal

The Abundant Gifts eBook Journal is designed to be used for one month to begin with. There are thirty-one pages with a quote on each page (just like in the book), and a place to put the date and the kind(s) of gift you’re recording. Then there are lines you may use to write on.

The Abundant Gifts eBook Journal is available in two formats–Microsoft Word document (you can write in it on your computer, and/or print out at any point), and PDF document (print out and write on). Try one or both. You can come back to this page and download it as many times as you wish.

You can even customize it in the future, by substituting your own quotes for the ones given. To customize it, download the MS Word doc, make your changes, and print it out.

Which file to download now?

Download the MS Word doc file if you think you want to write in it on your computer. Or, if you want to adapt it to a family journal. Right click My Ebook Journal-doc and choose “Save as” and put it where you want on your computer.

Download the PDF file if you simply want to print it out and write in it by hand. Right click My Ebook Journal-pdf and choose “Save as” and put it where you want on your computer.

Many blessings on you as you begin your personal record of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and generosity in your own life!