Free eBook Journal–A Way to Keep Track of All Your Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving!

As you begin to count your blessings, I’d like to remind you of the free Abundant Gifts eBook Journal that you can use to record God’s goodness in your life.

Why not start a new tradition, this Thanksgiving, of recording God’s many blessings?

You can record it for yourself. You can ask family members and/or friends–whomever you will share Thanksgiving with–to write in it at the beginning or end of the meal.

Or you can use it as a family journal, asking each member every evening what were the blessings of that day.

The Journal is available in a Word doc file format that you can write in from your computer, or print out and write in it by hand. It’s also available as a PDF file you can print out and write in.

There are 31 pages, and you can keep reusing those pages by printing out fresh ones. I give other suggestions for keeping a gifts journal in the beginning of the eBook.

Get it now, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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