God’s Reviving the Joke!

If you’ve read Abundant Gifts, you might remember the story called “Two Pairs of Blue Jeans.”

In case you don’t remember, haven’t read it, or would like to hear it, I though it would be fun to let you listen to my reading the story.

Then, I’ll tell you what happened to me just this week. (This is so much fun!)

Okay, here’s the story:


It’s been several years now since that last pair of blue jeans crossed my path.

Apparently, God still likes the joke.

I gave a neighbor a copy of my book a year or so ago. She loved the blue jeans story especially.

In fact, since she read it, she has passed on some lovely clothes to me that were given to her by “a real clothes horse with both money and taste.” Nancy told me she wouldn’t have even thought to ask if I wanted the clothes, if she hadn’t read the blue jeans story in Abundant Gifts.

Last week, she gave my husband six designer suits. I didn’t think they’d fit, but all except two of them did! (Which of course, we passed on to others who were delighted to receive them.)

And, among other things, she passed on to me … you guessed it … two pairs of blue jeans, one light, one dark, that fit me perfectly … and didn’t even cost a couple of bucks this time!

I swear I can feel God not just smiling, but laughing this time! And so am I! I still love the joke, Lord!

(If you have a story of God’s provision, or God’s sense of humor, please share it by clickng the “Comments” link below. And if you enjoyed the audio of my reading the story, please also mention that, too. I’m thinking of doing more of this. Thanks!)

3 Replies to “God’s Reviving the Joke!”

  1. Hi, Diane,
    This is GREAT! I LOVE listening to you read – even though I have your book and have read the story myself! In fact, I’d love to listen to a short snippet from your book every day. But I guess you don’t have time for that. Still, please try to read a passage every week. It’s always nice to start any day with something meaningful like this to think about.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Suzanne Lieurance
    The Working Writer’s Coach

  2. Thanks, Suzanne!
    In fact, I DO plan to record at least one story per week and sending it to those who subscribe, so you’re confirming that direction for me. Stay tuned–there’s a special event going to happen concerning Abundant Gifts very soon I think everyone will like.

  3. Hey Diane,
    I am new on here and I just want to say reading your book on here was a blessing to me this morning. I am so glad that there are people like you out there that take the time to show they care. I can’t wait to read your passage every week. Thank you do much for what you give to your readers.
    Malinda Foster

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