Invitation to Ask Your Question about Healing the Hurts of the Past

The Cracked Pot
One of the things I do in my Words to Profit business is conduct Virtual Book Tours for authors.

Normally I don’t talk a lot on this blog about the teleseminars I’m doing as a book publishing coach/consultant.

However, this time the author I’ll be interviewing has such a powerful message, I believe you will want to at least know about it and make your own decision as to whether it might bless you.

On October 30, I’ll be interviewing Jim Cyr for a Virtual Book Tour about his new book, THE CRACKED POT: Finding Grace in the Cracks of Childhood Abuse.

In case you’re not familiar with a “Virtual Book Tour,” what happens is that you get to ask the author a question about the topic of the book ahead of time, by going to a special web page and typing in your question. Then, during the Virtual Book Tour live event, the author answers those questions and share more about his or her book.

You get to ask Jim any question you might have about overcoming a difficult childhood, simply by clcking this link.

Jim’s story is one of almost unspeakable abuse. If anyone knows about a difficult past, Jim does. However, the point of the book is definitely not “poor me.”

No, the point of the book is redemption. Jim shares the darkness of his past not to pose himself as the victim, but to portray God as the great Redeemer who can take a “cracked pot” and use it to bring much healing and blessing.

(Note: He does get explicit, but it’s only because you must understand the horror of what he went through to appreciate the amazing power of God’s protection and deliverance. None of the explicit material is gratuitous. Jim is as graphic about the healing as he is about the horrors.)

I’m inviting you to listen to this interview I’m doing with Jim Cyr because I believe hearing his story will bless you–pure and simple.

Also, because when you sign up, you get to hear Jim tell the story of the Cracked Pot–the story that inspired him to write the book. Jim is a
professional storyteller, and I believe the story itself will move you.

Even if you can’t think of a question, but you want to hear the story of the Cracked Pot and attend the Virtual Book Tour or listen to the
replay, please go here.

If you or someone you know has struggled with a difficult past, this interview may be just the thing that will point you toward the healing and hope God has for you.

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