Let Us Never Forget

I received this email from Paul Galloway today, Memorial Day USA, and I agreed with every word of it.  So I thought I’d pass it on. Thank you, Paul, for expressing it so movingly and simply.

Today is a American holiday, “Memorial Day”. On this day we remember those who have given their lives while serving in the armed forces.

I fear that a great many Americans (perhaps even a large majority) only see Memorial Day as an extra day off from work — a three day weekend of entertainment and recreation.  This lack of gratitude — this irreverence for things sacred — is distressing to me. . . .

I for one would just like to publicly say “Thank You” . . .

To all the wives who have lost husbands,

To all the husbands who have lost wives,

To all the children who have lost mothers and fathers,

To all the parents who have lost their dear children (I can’t imagine your pain),

To everyone who has lost a sister, brother, aunt, uncle,  grandmother, grandfather or dear friend,

And especially to all the men and women who have sacrificed your lives, giving up everything you hoped and dreamed for in your future . . .

To all who have given so much so that my family and I can
continue living under the banner of freedom . . .

Thank you.

Yours is a debt I can never repay, but I promise I will never forget nor take for granted your sacrifice for your
country, and for me.

God bless you and your families!

Paul Galloway
Cheney, KS

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