Mother’s Day Gifts with a Personal Touch

If you haven’t gotten a Mother’s Day gift yet, here’s a suggestion that will add that personal touch that’s often lacking in gifts.

If you act right now, these gifts will still get to Mom (or daughter-in-law, wife, friend, whoever) by Mother’s Day. (Just make sure you “ship to” their address if you choose to order from amazon.)

The first is called MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths.

What will this book do for you (or a mother you know)?

I’ll tell you what this material has done for me.

Understanding personality type–especially my own, my husband’s, and my children’s–has enabled me to appreciate and build on the strengths of each of our types. I also understand where we need outside help or
perspective to shore up our weaknesses. I grasp our family dynamics better–particularly the greatest source of my ongoing frustration. Because Gene and I are the same type, I am often stretched in opposite
directions, just to provide the balance that every family system needs.

I draw from the material in this book, about energy management, family dynamics, self-care and more, literally every day.

If you’re not convinced, read why all those who reviewed the book on amazon gave it 5 stars.

The second book is a beautiful hardcover daybook that any any woman (mom or otherwise) who is spiritually minded will appreciate. Abundant Gifts: A Daybook of Grace-Filled Devotions contains 260 meditations and stories that will help the reader develop the habit of seeing the lavishness of God’s love in the most ordinary, natural and chance encounters … leading to a profound joy and experience of God’s personal love.

Here’s what one reader, Maria Veloso, said about Abundant Gifts:

“Rarely has a book roused in me so many profound revelations as has Diane Eble’s Abundant Gifts. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve read some of these stories aloud to friends who needed the right words spoken in due season.” (Read more testimonials.)

Here’s where the “personal touch” comes in: When you order either gift, please email me at diane AT abundant-gifts DOT com with your gift recipient’s email address. That way I can give her other gifts that are available to all who own either Abundant Gifts or MotherStyles. Just tell me which book(s) you gave, and send me your recipient’s email address, so I can make sure she receives the correct bonus gifts.

(Won’t she feel honored that the author is getting in touch with her personally to give her even more!)

Remember, if you order more than $25 from amazon, you get free shipping. Have the order shipped directly to your loved one so it gets there on time.

I hope these ideas will solve the question of what to give for Mother’s Day. I know that anyone who receives either of these books will be thrilled. In fact, it’s quite likely your loved one’s life will be changed.

Just order now, so you gift arrives on time, okay?

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