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My family has always been rather fortunate with cars. We have never spent more than $10,000 out of our own pocket, and two of the cars were, essentially, free.  (My very first car was free; the story is in Abundant Gifts. )

Our latest car was not only free, but has an amazing story with it that shows something of God’s mercy and ability to make much out of little.

Perhaps one of the reasons we have been so fortunate with cars is, Continue Reading »

Since my birthday is on Christmas Day,  sometimes I decide to celebrate it later.  This past Christmas was so hectic and stressful, I’d decided to designate another day.

So it’s today. January 28.  I didn’t want it to be too far after the real date, or it wouldn’t happen. Made that mistake once. One year I never had a birthday. (Does this mean I’m a year younger?)

It’s just the morning, but God already has given me a sweet gift. Continue Reading »

It was the first snow of the season.


And treacherous, as it turned out.

As I embarked on my morning walk with my Bishon, Millie, the snow was still coming down, muffling the world with quiet.

I passed my neighbors as they cleaned off their driveway. “Be careful,” warned Greg. “It’s slippery. The Big Guy already went down. Hard.”

“The Big Guy” was the man who walked, seemingly almost always at the same time I did, even when I changed the time. He was known as sort of a grump, but he often said hi to me because we seemed to share the same dedication to walking every single day, at the same time.

I picked my way carefully, but I did slip a couple of times. A few hundred yards  from my house, I passed “the Big Guy.” “Slippery,” I said. “I already went down,” he said. “Are you ok?” “Yes.”

So I walked on. I soon realized, after paying attention to where it was I slipped, that it was the smooth places that were most treacherous.

The rough places that were not cleared away were actually the safest.

It hit me: Continue Reading »

Giving thanks for obvious blessings is not difficult. Giving thanks for the tough stuff, the things that look like anything but blessings, takes real faith.

I’ve written on another Thanksgiving about giving thanks for what I call “disguised gifts” in Abundant Gifts. I wrote that when we give thanks for things that don’t seem on the surface like good things, our faith opens the way for God to turn it into a blessing.

Some things we experience are downright painful, and part of living in this broken world. Death,  for instance, is an enemy that Jesus himself cried over (then conquered and transformed).

There are other kinds of pain I think God allows into our lives because his ultimate goal is for  healing. Continue Reading »

I‘d like to invite you to listen to the replay of  the Virtual Book Tour on The Healing Code book, which took place on Thursday, October 28. I  interviewed Dr. Alex Loyd on his book, which has become a #1 bestseller at amazon.com in 9 categories shortly after its launch in June.

Dr. Loyd talked about a new paradigm mode for healing, called “The Healing Code.” Though it has had remarkable results in terms of all kinds of healing, Dr. Loyd stresses that the healing it addresses is the healing of “heart issues”–the same thing Solomon referred to when he said, “Guard your heart above all else, for from it flow all the issues of life.”

Find out what these “issues of the heart” are, why they’re at the source of just about any issue you can have, the scientific underpinnings of The Healing Code, and much more. (And if you’re interested in the spiritual foundation for this, you can go here to learn more about their philosophy. )

If you have a question of your own about The Healing Code, please ask it here.  This is also the link to register for the Virtual Book Tour, so even if you don’t have a question but want to register, sign up and say “none” in the question box. Dr. Loyd continues to answer questions in his weekly teleseminars, and I too will be answering questions on my own sites as a Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner.

You also get to download a 60+ page excerpt when you sign up and listen. You can start reading the book right away!

Though this new healing paradigm may seen new and even strange, I encourage you to at least give a listen. If you’re interested in the spiritual underpinnings of The Healing Code, I did another interview with Dr. Alex Loyd and his spiritual mentor, Larry Napier. You can access that at www.spiritualhealingcodes.com. We went into great detail about the scriptural basis of The Healing Code in that call.

Every day, I read a section of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.

Three Old Testament passages per day.

One theme constantly emerges: how important it is to “fear the Lord.”

It’s the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 1:7, Psalm 111:10) . It’s a life-giving fountain (Proverbs 14:27). It characterized the Messiah’s life (Isaiah 11:2). I could go on and on.

Since it’s stressed so much, I wanted to know what it really means.

My new Dictionary of Biblical Imagery (IVP) says that there are well over a hundred references to the fear of God, as distinct from the terror of him.

So what does it mean to “fear” God in the positive sense?

A light went on for me when I read that it means Continue Reading »

“I can’t find my boots! Where are my BOOTS?”

This was, of course, a crisis because we were dealing with a 15-year-old daughter who absolutely needed her boots RIGHT THEN because at the football game, they were supposed to dress as “cowboys or Indians.” And of course her ride was about to pick her up any minute.

I told her where the boots should be in the basement. She couldn’t find them, of course.

I looked where I thought they should be, on the shelf in the “boiler room” as we call it.

There was a small box there, which I passed over. Surely that couldn’t contain boots, since I knew mine were with hers. That much I remembered.

I ended up clearing out a lot of junk in the basement trying to find those boots. (God’s grace and sense of humor. I did need to clear out all that junk months ago. Guess God knew Continue Reading »

Do you know what the central verse in the Bible is?

I didn’t.

Now I do, and if you can extrapolate that perhaps the central verse of the whole Bible might be the one thing God wants us to “get,” then it’s worth knowing, even memorizing.


Have you ever had the same message come into your life twice in one day?

When that happens, I always pay attention.

Today I heard a moving message on Focus on the Family by David Meece about two words his father said to him that killed him, spiritually speaking.

“You’re worthless.”

That’s what David’s father told him when he was 10 years old, as the father held a gun to his head. “At that moment,” David said, “I didn’t care if he pulled the trigger.”

His father had already killed something in his spirit, and he didn’t care to live.

(To listen to the whole compelling story, Continue Reading »

lavender and daisiesI admit:  Summer is not my favorite season.

Not when it’s so hot and humid there are heat warnings. When I dread the relief of thunderstorms because most all of them all summer have meant water in the house and power outages that keep us bailing our sump pump and spending the weekends at Home Depot trying to solve this water issue.

HOWEVER, determined not to overlook the gifts of summer, I started a list. After you read mine, will you add a few items of your own by commenting, please? Let’s not let ourselves fail to appreciate the abundant gifts specifically of summer.

Abundant Gifts of Summer

  • fresh fruit: watermelon, ice cold on a summer day; cantaloupe, Michigan peaches, strawberries, and my favorite, blueberries–especially when picked fresh on an outing with a friend, or given to me by my son who thoughtfully bought 5 packages on sale because he knew they were my favorite fruit
  • garden produce, especially zucchini (I make a mean Italian-style fried zucchini dish) and tomatoes (the only time to eat them is in season, in my opinion)
  • flowers: the amazing variety of color and shape
  • light before 6 a.m.
  • air conditioning (a godsend when it works)
  • warm gentle rains (I do remember one, anyway, that was lovely)
  • the color green
  • birds and their songs (I saw a bluebird–only the second time I’ve seen one in my life. He was gorgeous!)
  • pools and lakes and oceans to swim in

And …? What particular gifts of summer are you thankful for?

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