Partnering with God for Healing

I was thanking God for showing me a new heart issue that needed to be healed, when these words landed in my heart:

I reveal it so we can heal it.

Dr. Mark Virkler says we hear God’s voice as “spontaneous thoughts that alight upon our minds.” That’s a pretty good definition, but I would amend it a little. Because when I hear from God, it’s more like “spontaneous messages that get impressed upon my heart.” There is a knowingness, a feeling about it, that is deeper than emotion.

So it was with this.

I noticed something about the words: It wasn’t “I reveal it so I can heal it” or “I reveal it so you can heal it.”

It was, “I reveal so we can heal it.”

Healing is a partnership.

My part is to be open to the revealing. Sometimes it’s downright painful to have something revealed. This issue certainly was. It went very deep.

But I have found in my Healing Code work that when something is revealed, it is ready to be healed. Things may take years to show up, as this issue did—because I had to heal a lot of other things before I was ready to heal this.

So my part is to be open to the revealing, and then to do the Healing Codes and to pray.

God’s part is to actually do the healing.

I have to show up for it, ready. Only then can he do his work. That’s how God chooses to work in our lives—through this partnership.

Because what he’s always after is a relationship with us. A relationship where we can hear his voice, know it’s him, marvel that he deigns to speak to our hearts and to heal.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).

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