Replay of “Pagan Christianity” Virtual Book Tour

paganchrstianity1.jpgIf you did not get to listen to the Virtual Book Tour with Frank Viola and George Barna, in which we discussed their book, Pagan Christianity? Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices, you may listen to the replay here.

We received more than 600 questions, and people called in from all over the world!

If you want to ask a question, you may still do so at Frank will continue to answer questions on his web site, so if you ask a question, visit regularly to see answers to questions. And if you ask a question, you will still get to listen to the replay.

I think when you hear the passion in these men’s voices, it will be clear that their intent is the revitalization of the church of Jesus Christ.

This book has changed the way I experience my own church service. Honestly, it’s a book to grapple with. In fact, as I said in the interview, I firmly believe you need to read this WITH other people in your church. So get more than one copy. If possible, get a group from your church to read it together. There’s a study guide available, as well as another bonus you’ll find out about when you check out the replay.

May you be blessed with new insights into God’s grace as you contemplate the events of Holy Week.