Abundant Gift of Encouragement from an Unexpected Source

Today was a particularly stressful day.

I won’t go into details, but I’ll just give you a slice: At one point, I had a sobbing daughter on one line, my husband on the other, and then my cell phone rang–someone calling from the UK, a potential client. (I have no idea how he got my cell phone number!)

In the ensuing hours, there were tears, prayers for wisdom, an idea as a result, actions taken, my Bible study leader called to ask for more prayer for the family situation. (I still haven’t gotten back to the potential client. First things first.)

Then, I got on Twitter and read this from someone I was following (thank you Ray Edwards!): “If you knew the person whose love and respect you treasure most was watching every moment of your life today … would anything change?”

The first person I thought of was Jesus. And as I thought through the past few hours of tears and prayers and agonizing, I realized my answer was, “no.”

There was nothing I would change. Nothing I was ashamed of.

The difficulties of the day were unavoidable, and I could already glimpse possible good coming from heartache.

But the real gift was the question. God’s encouragement, totally unexpected. God saying, “Yes, it was difficult, but I helped you handle things well, didn’t I? You asked for wisdom, I gave it, didn’t I? And look at the supportive friends who prayed for you, encouraged you, gave you added perspective (though painful at times). Look at how your daughter is growing through this. Rest in me now. All will be well.”

Yes, all will be well. Because God’s life-giving light is shining in all our darkness, bringing healing and hope.