Thank you for requesting the Abundant Gifts eBook Journal!

Thank you for requesting the Abundant Gifts eBook Journal!

 I am so glad you have chosen to download the Abundant Gifts Ebook Journal.

You will actually have 2-3 different formats to choose from!

Digital Journal
If you prefer the Digital Journal, in which you can download it onto your computer and type into it (has 3D turning pages), you can go here:

You will need to download a small file to read it. I don’t think it works on anything but PC machines.

PDF or WORD Formats

If you prefer a PDF or Word doc file, go here to download those:

I know keeping your own Abundant Gifts Journal will begin a most exciting era in your spiritual life, as you begin to notice more and more of God’s good gifts to you personally.

As you do so, you will slowly but surely be transformed in a number of ways. 

One More Thing . . .

 To ensure you get the occasional emails I send for Abundant Gifts, such as new blog posts, please add    Widget: email cloaker    to your email contacts list, or however you can “whitelist” it. Thanks! I never send spam so don’t want you to miss anything you want to receive.

Wishing you many blessings,

Diane Eble