The Shack Revisited: Interview with the Author William Paul Young

The ShackIt was Number 1 on the New York Times Best-Seller List a year after being published–almost unheard of for what was essentially a self-published book.

Why is this novel–now a movie–so popular?

Largely because it’s the kind of novel you feel compelled to give away. If you like it, that is–which obviously many, many people. do.

Not surprisingly, since its beginning, the book and now movie has also sparked a lot of controversy. Whenever a Christian becomes “high profile” in the culture, he or she is put under a microscope. If the high-profile figure is an author, the book is dissected for theological accuracy.

The Shack, by William P. (Paul) Young, is no exception.

The problem is,  often the criticism misses the main point of the book.

In this case, we should not forget that this is fiction, not a theological treatise. It’s a story meant to be experienced.

The interesting this was, Paul did not even intend for it to be published. He wrote it for his children–an abundant gift from his heart.

Listen to “the story behind the story” in my interview with Paul Young, originally aired on my Books ‘n’ Such show, right before the book hit its 1-year anniversary of being published. It was on the best-seller lists, but had not reached #1 when we did this interview. (Note: ignore the sponsor plugs, they are no longer in existence.Also, here’s the correct link for the book and for Paul Young’s blog. A lot had changed since the book was first published!)

I’d welcome your comments. If you read the book or watched the movie, did you “get it”? Did you enjoy it? Did anything bother you about it? Post your comments here, please!

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  1. Dianne: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just listened to your interview with Paul Young. Riveting!

    I admire the way you have developed your site. Graphically, ease of use and valuable content is all there in your gift to us – your fan base.

    I know it isn’t your primary motivation but I do trust it becomes a financial blessing to you and your family.


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