Three “Abundant Gifts” Bonus Gifts Revealed …

I promised on the Abundant Gifts Virtual Book Tour interview that I had some bonus gifts available for those who order the book. I had to check a few things to make sure, though.

(If you missed the call you can listen to the replay.)

Here are the bonus gifts:

1. If you order at least one book, you will receive several different ways to keep a gifts journal. One is the “My Abundant Gifts eBook Journal” that you can use either in Word doc format or PDF. In the Word format, you can write in it on your computer or print out the pages and write by hand. With the PDF version, you print it out and write in it by hand. You can print as many of these pages as you like.

There is also a Digital Web Journal that is cool. It opens on your desktop like a book. You can add to it as you like.

2. Also with every book order, you will be given the PDF version of the entire book, so you won’t have to wait so long to actually start reading it.

This is a beautifully formatted version of the first edition, which is only slightly different from the second edition which you will receive later in the mail. And you will receive it shortly after you order, so you won’t have to wait to start enjoying the stories.

3. If you order more than one book, in addition to the PDF of the book, you will also be automatically enrolled in my “story of the week” audio subscription.

Each week you will receive an audio file of me reading one of the favorite stories from the book, via email. At this point, this will only be available to those who order two or more books.

I have to place my order with the publisher by 2 p.m. on Friday, June 29, so if you do want a book, please order right away. You can order straight from the link on the replay page.

No pressure, I just want to make sure you knew what the gifts are if you choose to order. Even though the book is going out of print, I want to make sure these stories continue to bless people. These gifts are my way of making that happen as soon as possible.