Two Gifts for You

Yesterday I posted about how it is just as blessed to receive as to give.

Today I want to tell you about two gifts I have for you.

One is a Digital Web Book containing 5 sample stories from Abundant Gifts.  What’s cool about it is it opens on your computer like a book. These are some of the stories readers have chosen as their favorites. If you don’t already own the whole book, this is a great way to sample what’s in store for you.

It’s also a great way for you to send something wonderful to a friend, at no cost. Why not send the Digital Web Book to all your friends who would appreciate it who are on your list? Once you have the book downloaded, you can easily send it to as many friends as you like, via email, along with your own personal message. Just right-click on the cover of the book, and you’ll see an option to send to a friend.

The other gift is a Digital Personal Journal. Like the Abundant Gifts Digital Web Book, its pages turn like a real book. You can write in it like a real diary–but it resides on your computer (not online) for your security and privacy. (If you’re concerned about privacy, you can save it anywhere on your computer–perhaps in a folder where no one would ever guess but you.)

 Sprinkled liberally throughout the journal pages are inspirational passages , quotes–and even music clips you can listen to.Digital journals like these are selling for $39.95 or more — but this one’s yours for FREE.

You will also receive the Abundant Gifts e-zine, a newsletter designed to help you develop the habit of seeing everyday gifts from a lavish God. (You may unsubscribe at any time.) To access both gifts, simply visit the Abundant Gifts web site. To download the Abundant Gifts Digital Web Book, click on any of the turning pages icons on the web site. To download the Digital Personal Journal, fill out the pop-up window form or the form on the page itself.I hope you will enjoy using the Journal for keeping track of your abundant gifts … or for whatever reason you choose.

Make my joy complete by downloading both of these gifts right now. And don’t forget to pass them on to a friend!          


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