Update on “Perfect Dog”

Yesterday, I wrote about how God restored my joy through giving our family Perfect Dog, Chester.

Chester had a trauma on the day I published that, and I thought you’d like a little update.

Our Perfect Dog was bitten by a Rottweiler. He is on the mend now, after getting two staples put into the wound in his back. I am spritzing Halo water on it, as well as the warm Espom Salt compresses (when he’ll let me).

Interestingly, though he was very touchy and in obvious pain, once I did a custom Healing Code for him he was much better. We even went for a walk and he was fine. I was concerned that the collar was so near his wound, but he seemed fine on our walk.

I think the trauma of being bitten and then going to the vet is also what needs to be healed, besides the physical wound itself. When I approach him with the warm compress, he shies away, as if remembering the vet or some other trauma. When I actually put the compress on, he’s OK. I think The Healing Code is addressing the main problem–whatever trauma he harbors.

I’m trusting God to heal Chester quickly. Taking care of him, and watching my son tenderly care for him, is yet another joy through a painful experience.

The gifts keep coming … if we are open to them. What God is showing me again and again is this: Painful things happen in this world where the kingdom is already here, yet not yet fully realized.

The sure hope is that God can bring good out of any evil.

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