Virtual Book Tour on The Art of Nurturing Boys–Invitation

If you have a boy in your life that you care about (son, grandson, students, boys on a team you coach, etc.), you will want to listen in on a fascinating discussion I’m having next week with Stephen James and David Thomas about “Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys.”

The best part is–you get to ask the questions!

If you go to you can ask the authors about your most challenging issue with raising boys.

After you ask your question (or if you just want to sign up, say “none,”), you’ll have access to a quick video of the authors sharing a bit about what prompted them to write this new, practical, and insightful book that will help you understand, appreciate, and better mentor the boys in your life.

The live Virtual Book Tour–where I ask the authors questions submitted at that web site–will take place next Tuesday, Feb. 3, at 5 pm Pacific/6 Mountain/7 Central/8 Eastern.

So please mark your calendar and plan to listen in. You can listen via phone (normal long-distance charges apply) or via computer by clicking on a webcast player (no cost).

You’ll get all the details when you sign up here. (If you’re reading this after Feb. 3, 2009, you can still ask your question and listen to the replay afterward.)

Even if the boy in your life is older–say in his teens or 20s–there will still be plenty for you as well. That’s one of the unique aspects of this book: It shows why and how males need to be nurtured way past childhood.

I hope our paths cross next week for what will no doubt be a lively discussion that will provide fresh insights, encouragement and guidance as you come alongside the boys you care about.

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