“What’s Your Verb?” (Why It Matters to Know)

One of the most enlightening exercises one of my mentors, Alex Mandossian, had us do in a training was figure out what verb describes our essence.

Buckminster Fuller said, “God is a verb.” That is biblically accurate. When God revealed himself to Moses, he said he was the ultimate “be” verb: “I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3:14).

God’s verb is “I AM.”

Descartes is famous for saying, “I think, therefore I am.” His verb was “think.”

What is it you do, that encompasses the essence not only of what you do, but who you are?

Your verb may come to you in a flash … or you may have to think about it for a while.

Most people I’ve discussed this with know their verb quickly.

Mine is “connect.” I love to connect people with ideas that will inspire them, enlighten them, change them.

I love to connect people with other people who will inspire, teach, encourage, motivate or enlightened them.

And I love to connect people with resources that will make their life easier and better in some way.

As a book publishing coach and consultant, that’s what I’m all about.

As a parent, that’s what I’m all about. As a friend, I also find myself trying to connect people with ideas, people and resources that will make their lives better.

So that’s my verb. What’s yours?

Take a few moments to reflect on this.

Post it below, if you like. It’s at the heart of what you have to offer the world, after all.

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