When “Mistakes” Become Blessings

“The LORD directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?”-Proverbs 20:24

Recently I accidentally sent an email out to the “wrong” group of people.

Not only was it sent to the wrong group (in addition to the right group), but the subject line was truncated. Looked very sloppy, and I felt mortified. (I’m still not sure whether it was my fault or a technological glitch.)

I felt bad enough that I sent an apology email to the list that should not have gotten that first email.

But you know what? Many people sent me a reply, saying some variation of the fact that they were actually blessed by the content of the email. (Which was my interview on the Gutzy Gab show. I do talk about Abundant Gifts as well, and will post the interview here as well.)

A few people even mentioned that they passed it on to people they knew would be interested in my publishing journey. One person even made an emotional comment on my Your Book Publishing Coach blog in response.

So there you go! Even a mistake can become a gift to someone else, in God’s hands. He might even be smiling now! (I know God has a sense of humor, or why would we who are made in his image?)

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