Words and the Power of Life or Death

Have you ever had the same message come into your life twice in one day?

When that happens, I always pay attention.

Today I heard a moving message on Focus on the Family by David Meece about two words his father said to him that killed him, spiritually speaking.

“You’re worthless.”

That’s what David’s father told him when he was 10 years old, as the father held a gun to his head. “At that moment,” David said, “I didn’t care if he pulled the trigger.”

His father had already killed something in his spirit, and he didn’t care to live.

(To listen to the whole compelling story, go here and look for “Forgiving My Father.”)

Then, tonight, I heard a teleseminar in which Darius Barazandeh talked about how excited he was when he was told he would repeat kindergarten. He loved his teacher, loved kindergarten–now he’d get to do it again!

He was excited–that is, until he mentioned it to a friend.

“You must be the stupidest kid in the world! Nobody repeats kindergarten,” the boy sneered.

The boy’s words “put the lock on”  his spirit, Darius said.

How many of these “locks” might you have on your spirit because of the words of others? (Did you know that such words received when under the age of six or so, get directly hardwired into the brain’s programming? According to Dr. Alex Loyd, author of The Healing Code, before the age of six your brain is in the delta-theta brainwave state, and messages are not able to be filtered by higher judgment. Therefore these lies go straight into the heart, straight into the subconscious, and become part of the internal belief system that guides your life–usually totally out of your conscious awareness. David Meece spoke of how difficult it was to forgive his father, even with counseling and all the best help he could find. It took God’s power, through prayer, to finally bring him to that place of forgiveness.)

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits,” says Proverbs 18:21.

We’re not the only ones who “eat the fruit” of our words. Other people eat as well.

And that fruit can either poison, or nourish.

What will your words do for someone else today?

And–do you still have “locks on your spirit” from the words of others?

Those “locks” are always lies. Identify the lies and replace them with the truth. Do it in prayer, in the presence of God.

When you do that, you will find healing.

(And if you suspect that there are locks in your subconscious that you can’t get to, consider reading The Healing Code for help with unlocking those hidden issues of the heart and allowing the light of truth to dispel the darkness.)

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